MIDTERM CONFERENCE ESA-European Sociological Association-RN33 ‘Women’s and Gender Studies’

‘New Challenges to Feminism and Gender Research’, June 13-14 2022

Programma della midterm Conference ESA-European Sociological Association

RN33 ‘Women’s and Gender Studies’

‘New Challenges to Feminism and Gender Research’

June 13-14 2022

University of Milano-Bicocca


Feminists and gender researchers are increasingly working to provide perspectives capable of analyzing and understanding changing gender relations, to inspire innovative theories and practices in new and established feminisms and to encourage reflexivity. The pandemic has increased this need due to the ambivalent effects of COVID-19, which has magnified socio-economic inequalities and, at the same time, has fostered new socio-economic and cultural practices that are affecting women and men differently. This Conference encourages participants to both approach contemporary social, economic, political, cultural and climate-related challenges from a gender-sensitive perspective, and to reflect upon the future of feminism and gender research in times of global crises.